Scalp Micropigmentation – Before and After Care

Before Care
Following the post and aftercare advice ensures that you achieve the very best results and clean, quick, healing. Please keep this information and refer to it as necessary. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Please wash your Hair/Head on the morning of the treatment.
  • Guys please shave you head completely using a shaver NOT a razor
  • Do not use any styling, chemical, or medical products on your hair/head on the day of the treatment
  • Discontinue any Minoxidil lotions or foams the day before treatment


  • Do not take Ibuprofen or Aspirin from 9pm the night before the treatment (unless medically advised)
  • Ensure you are in good health on day of treatment
  • Do not drink Tea or coffee from 9pm the night Before Treatment
  • Moisturised scalp three times a day - this helps treatment
  • Do not drink alcohol from 9pm the night before the treatment
  • Please DO eat before the treatment 🙂
  • You may not be able to give blood for 6 months. Please inform the National Blood Service.
  • If you require MRI or CT scans please inform the radiologist you have had this treatment (you may experience some tingling)
  • Ensure you have read the medical and treatment information given to you by the practitioner

After care

Your scalp may be red, blanched, slightly swollen and tender. I the area weeps, wash hands and blot with paper towel. Do not wipe or rub

Healing Stages

Heal - Your skin will begin to heal immediately. Tiny scabs form which will protect the tiny wounds in the skin - however they are very vulnerable and can be easily removed - this could result in loss of ink

Peel  - After a few days the scabs will fall away and the ink colour will become more prominent

Fade - The ink colour may become less prominent

Treatment day to day 4

  • There may be some dryness, flaking and itchiness
  • Do not pick peal or rub, this could cause risk of infection or uneven healing, or scaring
  • Allow to dry heal. Do not wash, shower, shave, swim. Protect from rain.
  • Do not use woolly or beanie hats - instead use silk or caps
  • Do not sweat, use the gym, sauna or Jacuzzi for 24 hours. You can sweat but not excessively, until 10 days after treatment
  • Do not swim (salt or chlorinated water)until 10 days after the final treatment

Day 5 - 10

  • The head can be washed with warm water Just splash the water on, no soaking or showering - rub gently. No shampoo - sorry!
  • Shave hair as necessary (Do not use a razor) use a shaver - ensure the blade is clean
  • Moisturise scalp 3 times a day until next appointment (please wash hands prior it this) - this will help your next treatment. Initial healing balm will be provided - thereafter please use a gentle moisturiser i.e. an organic brand, or Palmers coco-butter. Avoid Petroleum based products as they may affect the colour of the ink.

After 10 days and Long Term Maintenance

  • Hair can be washed as usual
  • Always protect from the sun
  • Use a waterproof factor 30 sun cream, total sun block, or a hat. Exposure to sunlight UV light will lighten the pigment and the colour may change
  • Avoid laser treatment - inform the technician - the pigment may turn back
  • AHA creams and anti-aging creams may cause some premature colour fading
  • Ask advice if requiring medical UV light therapy

Your Second treatment can be booked after 10 days - Please see previous advice

Your Third Treatment can be booked in 4 weeks time - Please see previous advice

If at any stage you think the area is infected please see your GP or seek medical attention

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07827 418238.