Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

Thousands of tiny droplets of specialised ink are skilfully implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, using a special micro fine sterile needle.
The ink or pigment is mixed to match your own hair colour, and applied to the scalp in a detailed patterned sequence – they appear as tiny dots

The tiny dots of ink simulate the appearance of shaved hair follicles, and create the illusion of texture and fullness. The treatment is minimally invasive being non-surgical, and drug free. It is generally not thought to be too uncomfortable, and is scar free This treatment is excellent for bringing back your hairline to its natural position, it make your hair thicker, it may improve your confidence, allow you to partake in activities you have avoided. You may even look younger!

The average scalp has about 60,000 follicles, thus the procedure can be lengthy. Sessions can sometimes take 4 hours or longer, depending on the site that needs to be covered. Three visits are expected, and placed 10 days to 4 weeks apart. The reason for the three visits is there may be some fading following the initial treatment. Also each scalp and skin type and colour processes the ink differently. Bald areas will be blended seamlessly with hair bearing areas. Ladies you do not have to shave your head - unless that is your desired look. If you chose to keep you hair longer a density effect technique is applied, this involves micro dots being implanted on the scalp between the hairs. Similarly with alopecia patches I will work with the hair you have.


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